Top 9 Content Creation Tools For Beginners

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There are many content creation tools available that can be used for editing photos, posts, images, and general content. These tools do not only save time but also add an essence of creativity to the material that is produced by the users. All thanks to the best available cameras that the users can quickly use along with the high-quality footage to master their content game.

Generally, it requires good knowledge of advanced graphic designing or photography to create and edit original content. But with the help of content creation tools, you can entirely focus on creativity and innovation and edit images accordingly. The best advantage is all of these applications and tools get frequently updated by their respective developers and creators so that users can get the best versions of their tools.

1. VSCO (iOS, Android).

It has been a while since the default filters of Instagram were the core of mobile photo editing. At the same time, VSCO has emerged as a leading promo video maker and photo champion. This tool has an in-depth picture editing suite and the perfect slew of supreme quality filters to take your photo game to the next level.

VSCO has a massive library of different filters that you can access by getting the premium plan. It also comes with endless options to customize photos and edit them.

Price- Free version for basic presets and premium version to access the features.

2. Snapseed (iOS, Android, Windows, macOS).

Snapseed is an excellent photo editing tool that provides an option to tune and edit the photos. The default filters of Instagram allow users to edit an entire image at one go, but this tool will enable you to apply different effects to images with the help of a brush to enhance photo detailing.

Another feature of this fantastic tool is Stacks that allow users to save different filters as the default template. This template can be applied to photos for a consistent look.

Price- Free.

3. Canva (iOS, Web, Android).

Canva is an amazing content creation tool using which you can create alluring images. It allows users to either superimpose beautifully written text onto images or create various layouts and put them together in a pre-designed graphic format to up your Instagram game. This tool is handy for creating Instagram stories that stand out from the rest.

You can remain assured that this application will allow users to recognize your content quickly.

Price- Free for image designing.

4. Photoshop Express (Android, iOS, Windows).

You read it right. With this tool, you can easily Photoshop the images on your phone. However, the mobile version does not come with all the features that the desktop versions have, but still, it will provide excellent image editing facilities to you. For example, you can easily get rid of blemishes, dust, dirt, or other spots with a single touch from your photo.

This tool provides access to various controls, options, presets, and filters that you won’t probably get elsewhere. You can also add a watermark to the edited photographs.

Price- Free.

5. VideoCreek (Desktop, iOS).

VideoCreek is a video creation tool that can be used for video post-processing, video editing (basic), and graphic designing. This tool is perfect for beginners, as it is convenient to use and is available in multiple versions. This tool has great workflow speeding up facilities.

You can also add a watermark to your videos depending upon the content type. It is a quick content creation tool that allows users to easily combine multiple texts, images, videos, and posts for better storytelling.

Price- Free and paid version.

6. GoPro Quik (Android, Desktop, iOS).

The GoPro Quik content creation tool is smart enough to reduce the time required for video and image editing. The creators of this tool have put in plenty of effort to make it an automatic service with the help of artificial intelligence techniques.

Structurally all you have to do is get the photos, videos, or music that you wish to edit, and the tool will modify them. The desktop version of this tool requires users to import their content onto the desktop, so the mobile version is considered more flexible.

Price- Free.

7. FIVERR (Windows, iOS).

If you are walking on the tightrope of time and are ready to make the financial investments in content creation tools, then FIVERR is an affordable and quick way for creating outstanding content. Any kind of image or graphic creation can be done with its templates.

You can easily design logos, posters, and other social media content with the help of this tool. It is also possible to develop almost anything from scratch with its flexible features.

Price- 5$ to 50$.

8. PicMonkey (Desktop, iOS, Windows).

PicMonkey is a reliable web app tool that allows users to create fascinating images and designs, along with editing photos without having to install and use any other external software for that purpose. If you have no experience in video or image editing, then this is the perfect tool for you.

PicMonkey provides a wide range of editing features like touchup, font, filters, stickers, collage, etc., all of which are free to use. It is also a great Instagram video editor tool that assists with light editing and graphics.

Price- Free and paid.

9. Iconosquare (Windows, iOS).

Iconosquare is a comprehensive content creation tool that allows users to check their followers or active viewers. With the help of this tool, users can create valuable content that can have a great influence on their viewers. This tool will facilitate several statistics and features which you can customize as per your requirements.

Price- Free and paid.


You can publish eye-catching content with the above-mentioned content creation tools. Most of these tools have a free version, but if you require high-quality features and editing options in these tools, then you can get their paid versions for better editing.

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