Netflix Original Anime “Great Pretender” Release Date Star Cast Plot

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Great Pretender is an upcoming Series on Netflix. It is an internationally licensed Netflix Original Japanese crime-animated series. It is written by Ryōta Kosawa. The series has been produced by WIT Studio. It was broadcasted on Japan’s Fuji TV. Without uncertainty, Great Pretender is one of the best anime to released on Netflix in 2020 soon.

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Edamura Masato(the supposed best in Japan), crime partner Kudo, and Professional Swindler endeavored to outwit a Frenchmen in Asakusa, only to be victimized in return. One of the world’s best swindlers and Mafia Leader, revealed himself to be Laurent Theirry. Thierry holds the fate of Edamura in his hands as the young man got engaged in the dirty jobs of Frenchman.

The Release of the Great Pretender created extreme news for their Anime fans. The series has been animated wonderfully, intending of eccentric characters, color explosion, a kill scored made that many heist series/movies would be proud of.

Anime fans can be extremely excited about the release of Great Pretender. The series has been wonderfully animated, fantastic character designs, an explosion of color, not to mention a killer score that many heist movies/series would be proud of.

Part one of Great Pretender is having subsequent fourteen episodes of it. The availability is all ready to stream on Netflix on 20 august, Thursday 2020. Globally, the streaming is done on Netflix and it has already been broadcasted in Japan. Broadcast of episodes is from 2 June to 16 June 2020.


Makoto Edamur, Laurent Thierry , Abigail Jones , Cynthia Moore, Kudo , Kim Si Won and many more. A further two cases have been announced, which takes the total episode till a count upto 23.

The  Netflix series’ story is divided into blocks of episodes called “Cases”.

Case 1: Los Angeles Connection’s episodes

Case 2: Singapore Sky’s episodes

Case 3: Snow of London’s episodes

Case 4: Wizard of Far East’s episodes.

The Japanese broadcast date hasn’t been declared as of yet, So far, three cases, making up for fourteen episodes, have been broadcast in Japan so far, and more are coming on the way. It can be safely supposed that part two of Great Pretender will be arriving soon on Netflix next year(2021). So Stay tuned with Dekhnews to know more about the upcoming web series.

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