BPO and IT Employees Get Extension To Work From Home December 2020

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In this current situation created by the virus approx 87 percent of the workers who are working in it or BPO are working from home and the rest of who are already booked in performing critical functions are going to the office due to coronavirus and down economy of the state the govt. decided that work from home with all offices because of the govt. wants to balance the economic situation of the state.

BPO and IT Employees Get Extension To Work From Home December 2020

NEW DELHI:  as we know that the coronavirus is spreading day-by-day and in this pre-COVID era Work from Home is started the most of the perk enjoyed by few but if someone works in the IT or BPO sector then the charter stays up to them and of this year like the government did on Tuesday and extended the period which was to expire on 31 July in a prolongation for the thousand and more employees in working that sectors and our state government have decided to extend connectivity for the work from home for IT and BPO company til 31 Dec and of the year.


* work from home can save people’s lives and it’s too secure for work.

* work from home started by after April month due to lack of money.

*the government started it because of the economy affected by a coronavirus.

* the work from home is the best way to do the work in this pandemic people can earn and survive their life and fill their daily

the government decided this and took this decision for the safety of the people because life is more important than anything so before that govt. wanted to take a lot of decisions but due to safety government has final this decision that all offices send the work to their staff at home as same as previously they used to do after work salary criteria are usually the same. because the pandemic govt wanted that the is not to spread to anyone else from any reason as all people know that prevention is always better than cure.

the decision decided by the offices and govt, that the extension in the period also was discussed by a tweet on Tuesday read the DoT has the normal period of extended the respite in the terms or the conditions also for the other services providers till 31 st the month of December 2020. and the facilities work from home in view or see the situation which is going on now due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

this the reason behind it that the government has decided to extend the period of work from home up to 31 December for IT or BPO workers

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