Bhakharwadi’s crew member dies due to coronavirus, Shoot Averted!

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It is very shocking news for the fans of Bhakharwadi serial that the crew member of this serial died due to coronavirus, moreover, it is also being said that many of the members of this show tested positive. According to the news, it has been gained that the Tailor got himself tested on 19 July 2020. then after that, the news has revealed that he passed away on 21 July at his residence. After getting permission from Maharashtra Government the shooting for this show has been stared again. The Hatts of production banner started the shooting of its a top-notch comedy show on 25 June 2020. The makers of this serial obeyed all the instructions of the government.

BREAKING NEWS: Bhakharwadi's crew member dies due to coronavirus, Shoot Averted!

Since June all were good going on, but when the shooting of this show was started from 11 July 2020 suddenly, the Tailor complaint about his illness and also he has been treated by a doctor. Moreover, he has been tested on 19 July 2020 for coronavirus.

On 21st July 2020, he died due to coronavirus disease. The show is being highly anticipated. But unfortunately, many of the members of this serial tested positive.

According to the reports, it has been gained that Tailor requested for the holiday and the request has been accepted. Then he goes back to his house and rests fro some days because he took holidays on 13 July 2020. Then when he didn’t get relaxation, he went to the hospital and get himself tested for coronavirus. he found corona Positive. As well as all the other members of this show found COVID 19 positive.

The makers of this show revealed that the tailor took holidays because he wanted to go to his house on 13 July and they also said that they also shocked after knowing about his death news.

The show’s shooting has been halted on 26th July if it comes to that A few other staff members also found corona positive. More than 70 people have been swab tested and they all have been quarantined. It is being hoped that they will get well soon.

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