PPCall or Pay per call affiliate marketing and ads are the hot industry to make money during this lockdown and economic downturn. It has become a new in-demand freelance or full-time job nowadays. It is another form of CPA or you can say the cost per action or acquisition marketing. However, it is different from a form submission for the lead, it is CALL. It is one of the best ways to make money online while enjoying your cup of coffee on your couch. Below I am mentioning step by step guide to starting doing PPcall affiliate marketing and advertising.

Pay Per Call Affiliate Marketing

Step 1: Choose a Niche Vertical

It is very important for any marketing to start with a niche vertical. To have an edge and make good money out of one and become an expert. And then try a new one. There are many verticals from which you can choose a niche one.
Travel, Health, Insurance, Auto, Plumbing, Carpet Cleaning, Rehab, Credit Card, Student loans, Home loans, Medicare, Gardening, pest control, etc.
If you are not very sure where to start we suggest starting with the most common one like Travel or Health.

Step 2: Choose Pay Per Call Affiliate Network and Offer

This is a kind of tough work, but you can choose as many as available and get approval from them, try and test and then decide withe few.

Some of the name in the List of Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks are:

  1. 33 Mile Radius
  2. RingPartner
  3. Marketingcall
  4. Offerglobe

You can find more affiliate networks by checking the pay per call section of OfferVault, or by looking in Facebook groups.

How to find a for in a Good Offer

There few important things you should check before you finalize your network, I am mentioning a few of them here.

Duration Based Payout vs Revenue Share

Affiliate networks normally follow 2 types of billing models to calculate payouts: 1) Duration based payouts and 2) Revenue share-based payouts. Duration based payouts are based on call length and paid once your call crosses that limit of length, usually around 60 or 90 seconds. Revenue share based payouts mean that you get your payment when the network you are working with gets paid.


We suggest going with a revenue share model and negotiate with your affiliate network. When your leads are sold you get higher payouts and this is the best part. If the leads are not sold you still have that leads with you to sell it to another network,

The Coverage and Consistency

Your network should have a large area covered in terms of zip or nationwide coverage. Many times it happens that your affiliate network runs out of stocks or coverage. You have to be on top of it to find the same so that you do not lose your effort on non-working areas

Network EPC

Earnings per click or EPC is a better way to understand your network performance. It may be tempting to look at a network’s payout as the main metric for determining if an offer is good, but the network’s EPC (Earnings per Click) is a better metric to look at. This will help you understand how well an offer is converting.

Accepted Promotional Methods

While most pay per call campaigns allow for the use of search engine promotion, like SEO and SEM, many of them will not allow you to use channels like Craigslist. Depending on how you plan on promoting the offer, this may not be an issue for you. Many of them allow social media, emails, display ads, blogs and forums, and even offline media, etc.

IVRInteractive voice response

IVR stands for interactive voice response and it is the automated menu that plays before a call. The caller will need to navigate through these in order to be connected with the service provider and for you to get your payout. It has been seen that shorter IVRs lead to larger rates of success. You can do a test call to find out how the IVR is on an offer. Oftentimes, when it is longer the IVR steps it irritates. Also when it asks for more than a zip code, the caller becomes impatient and suspicious and thus leading them to disconnect the call.

Find Niche Volume vs Payout

Every specific offer has a different amount of volume, some have lower payouts some have higher, however, we should not judge the offer based on payouts here. The best way to find out profitable offer is to look for average volume and average CPC. For example, rehab has a higher payout than plumbing, but it also has a higher average CPC and a lower volume. Therefore, it may be more difficult to be profitable in that vertical.

Step 3: Promote the Offer

There are many ways you can promote pay per call affiliate programs and make money. It is recommended that you use the one that you are good at while not being afraid to try new lead sources.


One of the easiest ways to start promoting your affiliate offers is this one. Many of the affiliate networks allow this. Create an account, pay $5 per post in the service section and write a grammatically correct ad and add tons of keywords.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

While SEO takes some time to generate leads or calls, but it is considered as one of the most profitable platforms once you get a conversion. The effort is high here, but the cost is low and if you manage to get calls with efforts then ROI is definitely higher.


Ads or paid promotion can help you generate immediate and high volumes call, more the money you put more the volume you generate. That being said, similar to SEO, this traffic source has a steep learning curve. If you are new to PPC advertising, we recommend learning the fundamentals by purchasing a course on Udemy or another course platform.

Social Media

A cost-effective and underutilized media is Social media which helps promote pay per call offers because cheaper than PPC search ads. Facebook & Instagram ads are one of our favorite ways to promote offers. While it may take a few testing to find the right social media ad and the right vertical, when it’s set up, it can be quite lucrative. Social Media ads are mostly based on behavioral patterns, you should know well what runs best here.

Direct Mail

Clubbing offline methods with online methods can be more profitable. Direct mail ads are becoming less and less competitive as more and more advertisers are moving online, it is a good grabbing opportunity. Such campaigns work effectively with coupons, better to check with your pay per call network if they have any special offers that you can use.

Local Newspaper

As we are aware that most of the advertiser has shifted their ads medium to online, Newspaper can gain you more such leads. Search on Google and find out the local newspaper company and contact them. It should cost you less than $100 per week to get a simple ad posted in the paper.


Directories like the Yellow Pages or others are still used by many people and are less used channel for getting calls. No harm in trying this medium, you never know, you can make better money from here.

Display Ads

Banners ads are a good way to show what you offer, however, it is not as effective as search ads, but you can use this platform to remarket and re-engage your audiences to get them to call.

Blogs and Other Content Websites

Take a look around the web and see if there are any how-to blogs in your niche. Reach out to them. And chances are that you can find some that are willing to let you run banner advertising for relatively cheap. The bar set by Google Adsense is pretty low, so you should be able to offer more at a relatively low rate.


Last, but certainly not least, you can think of actually setting up your own affiliates or publishers. You pay them on a per-call basis to run offers for you and you can make good money as a middleman. You can do this by advertising on OfferVault and posting in relevant Facebook groups. If you design your deals smartly, there is little to no risk for you as the middle man. Because you will only need to pay them when you get billable calls.

TFN – Toll Free Numbers

It is suggested to get unique TFN (Toll-Free Numbers) for your publishers. And giving them access to their calls via a platform like CallRail or Ringba. This type of agency works best if you have a better & exclusive offer or payout that other affiliates may not have.

How to Do Pay Per Call Affiliate Marketing and Advertising Summed Up

Opting and running the various campaigns listed above can be very profitable for many affiliates iff done smartly and correctly. However, you may face some ups & downs when starting out. And you will have to learn successes and failures, there can be a learning curve. Regardless, we recommend giving pay per call a try to refine your marketing and advertising abilities.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Let us know in the comments below