Tweet, tweet, tweet, everybody wants to check out what’s trending on Twitter and what is going crazy? No one wants to miss the tweet and the timings to tweet on Twitter. When is the right time to tweet so that it can reach to the maximum people? Indeed, that could be impossible to say—unless if you use Tweriod. This free tool examines your Twitter record and after that helps you the best time to Tweet.

You need to provide access to the Tweriod to get the analysis ready for you. It generally takes 1 to 2 hours to get the report ready for you. There is Premium version of it as well, you can check the image attached here. which is available on monthly charge basis. basic price starts $3.99 or for one-time reports beginning at $5 each for up to 4999 followers analysis.

Tweriod’s report is easy to understand, user-friendly dashboard. It shows what time you have the most tweets are going, most followers are active and provide you with the weekly, weekdays, and days of the week analysis. Likewise gives you the details of what time a large portion of your followers are online and are actively searching or tweeting or surfing information on Twitter. It even provides an hourly breakdown of your online followers. These particulars are wonderful and give an in-depth understanding of the followers, as they enable you to inspect your Twitter account in better detail and helps to plan when to tweet so that you can reach maximum audiences.

Tweriod, meanwhile, doesn’t actually publish your tweets; it just tells you when you think they’ll have the most reach. Tweriod does let you post tweets, but it publishes them immediately: It does not let you schedule them based on the results of its analysis. 

Tweet Scheduler

You can schedule your tweets with Buffer or Hootsuite, Tweriod suggests using Buffer,

Tweriod’s tools will be useful for anyone who’s wondering why their tweets isn’t quite taking off. While it can’t help you compose better tweets, it can give advice on the best time to post them. We can expect to schedule soon by Tweriod