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The Chili’s located in India is a hands-down favorite outlet for foodies. It has got a large seating area with an outer deck, and the ambiance is beautiful. Their signature dish is Burger

Coming to food, they serve really wholesome dishes to satiate the taste buds!
Tried & Tasted:
▪Tripple Dipper
▪Tortilla Crusted Chicken
▪Chicken Crispers
▪Grilled Chicken Breast
▪Mango Cooler
▪Choco Lava Cake.
These are my regular at Chili’s.

You can Love the Chicken Crispers. These are basically fried chicken strips served with whole buttered corn, potato wedges, and a delicious dip. The Tortilla Crusted Chicken is cheese-covered fried chicken served with rice and sauteed veggies. Same with the Grilled Chicken Breast but I prefer the Tortilla Crusted Chicken anytime. Triple Dipper is 3 kinds of Chicken ie Fried Strips, Chicken Wings, etc ( You can choose from 5 kinds ) served with dips.

You can eat BBQ chicken smoke wings which are damn awesome. With that smokey taste of fried chicken, followed by unique Ancho Basa, the taste can ethereal, You will be blown away by this delicacy.

Last but not least, classic Panko coated Fish & Chips which can be the icing on the cake, you must try that.
Overall, Chili’s proved once again why it always has been people’s favorite Tex-Mex dining experience in town.

Burger Burger Burger

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