Building your personal brand on social media takes some work, but it could land you your next job opportunity or help you to foster valuable connections. Not only that, a personal brand can get you many opportunities and helps to build your own empire. Remember, social is a boon to today’s marketing world. Earlier it used to take ages to create a brand and reach to masses, now a days social media can help you reach mass and it is cost effective too.

Follow these six steps to ensure you are leveraging social media in a right way.

Update your existing social media handle and create the new & relevant one.

You decide which social media account(s) you are going to focus on and deactivate and delete any old accounts that you are no longer using. Make sure all of your information is complete and accurate and it should comply with the social media policies. This will help you to build traffic to the networks you want to showcase your work. It can also remove any potential “questionable” content from years past that doesn’t have a positive effect on your professional image. 

Not only this, as media is changing very fast, it is very important to be up-to-date and use such social media which have higher engagements rates and high downloads. Make sure wherever creating your account, it should be relevant to your skills and ideas.

Figure out your area of expertise and which skill to showcase on social media

It is very important to understand your area of expertise, what you would like to show to your audiences. Are you Vlogger? A Youtube ? or a Food Critics ? or a Tech Gig ?. This will actually help you to decide on what type of content you need to post on different social media. If you are an expert who writes a blog on health & beauty, probably you will prefer Pinterest or a Blogsite more than a video channel. Where as a person who is a dancer or a singer would definitely prefer video channels over blog platforms.

Share content on a regular basis

Do you really want to miss the traffic to your social handle , or do you want people not to visit your page often. The good idea to do this is to not posting content on a regular basis. However do not over post anything , there is this FOMO- fear of missing out can create a short of panic, do not get freaked out , if you aren’t posting daily, remember regular basis do not mean posting daily , but posting on a planned interval . This is best way to get connect to your audiences and providing them with a regular dose of content.

Creating & Curating which engages your audiences.

Creating engaging content means taking a fresh approach to the types of updates you share with your network. Don’t be afraid to occasionally talk about your own achievements, or even add engaging tidbits about your personal life (topics such as travel, hobbies, etc.are suitable). After all, social media is about individuals first. Sharing some of this information provides your audience with a glimpse of who you really are and what you’re about – just ensure you don’t overshare or make it all about you.

However, you should plan your content is a way that it engages your audience. The simple way to do it is a fresh approach to the same content. It is not possible to think and create new content all the time but always possible to present the same content with fresh approach ideas. An example can be if you write a food blog about a veg dish, you can put new images and also add videos to the same old content and shuffle some words in the body. Not only that you can always play with your headlines and TAGs.

Donot mis-guide and keep your content consistent and positive

You want to create a personal brand right ? You do not want to damage your reputations with your audiences , not only this you also expect the traffic to share your content right ?. Then make sure you do not misguide your audiences with content, always use disclaimer and if it is a fictitious content , make sure to put that on your content copy. Also keeping your content consistent will help you improve loyal and regular viewers. Repeat traffic is always better than new traffic . Let them work as your ambassador and evangelist.

When people follow you online and trust your voice , you must keep in mind the a positive message can make everything and a negative content can destroy your brand image and trust . Not only that positive work can give you a long run gains where as getting traffic with negative and dirty content can make a famous person just alike bubble.

Conclusion :- The above steps can help you build your own personal branding. You need to figure out what suits you better first. Make sure you are a strong headed persona and can do better when you create a positive content.