being one of the most used search engines pulls more than 65% audiences on their site. People whenever need to find something they opt for primarily. When you search anything online using google you get two different categories of results – organic and inorganic (advertised). So, it becomes really challenging for an advertiser to come on top and showcase their ads will minimal cost per click. There comes the role of Google Adwords Campaign Optimisation.

What Campaign Optimisation?

Campaign optimization is the improvement of your ad performance by continually managing and improving, it’s keywords performance, CTR, CPC and ad relevance in terms of Quality Score.

However, before we move forward and talk more about how to optimize AdWords campaign, it is more important to understand the READINESS of your account.

Readiness simply implies how much ready is your account – Readiness depends on 3 major parameters.

  1. Quality Score – (Range from 1-10)

  2. CTR-Click Through Rate (1%-100%)

  3. CPC – Cost per click.

Quality ScoreGoogle Adwords

Click Through Rate

adwords campaign

CPC – Cost per click

Adwords campaign

No doubt on it that when you cannot manage these 3 important parameters, you will get a better optimization.

Table below shows when to take action for optimization

adwords campaign

What all we need to optimize in the Adwords Campaign?

Check whether the keywords used are relevant to the ad text or not, how relevant is your landing page is with your ad text and keywords. What is the load time of your landing page, what is the bounce rate, how is the user experience with your ad text .

It is highly recommended that you use relevant keywords in your ad group, write an appealing ad text using relevant keywords or primary keywords, check whether the text in the landing page matches with the keywords present in the ad group. Type of images also impact your response, load time obviously plays are the vital role.

Relevancy is the mantra to improve your quality score.

  • Click Through Rate – CTR

CTR is simply the number of clicks received upon the number of the impressions in the entire duration of the ad.

CTR widely depends on Ad text / Ad formats and how much your spending daily, its also important to understand that if someone is searching anything online, then how relevant is your according to the search also helps to get better CTR, if your ad match the search terms, people are more likely to click your ads.

If your CTR is low, then use below method to increase the chances to gain more CTR

  1. Use Of Expanded Text Ads

  2. Use Extensions – Sitelink, Callouts, Structure Snippets, Call, Message, Promotions, Price, Affiliates, App, Location etc.

  3. Install the Conversion Tracking Code to gain insight about the ad performance

  4. Increase daily or lifetime Budgets

  5. Manage Ad Schedules

  6. Monitor Device Performances

  7. Check Location

  8. Focus on Bid Strategy

  • CPC – Cost Per Click

This is something where advertiser constraint themselves, you need to maintain cost for getting a click, our objectives are to get on the 1st page and remain on top with less CPC. However it has been seen that many advertisers use first page- BID to always remain on first. However, the bid is not the only criteria to come on top.

It is important to get more relevant clicks so that the funnel fills with relevant audiences and chances of conversion increase. If you more click then you will get more CTR and if CTR is higher it might impact Quality Score.

The video below can help you understand another dimension as when and how to optimize the Adwords campaign.

Conclusion:- To optimize your Adwords campaign in a better way you need to focus on 3 important parameters i.e Quality Score, CTR and Clicks and rest everything revolves around this.