How optimise Google Adwords Campaign

To run your ads on Google search engines effectively with low-cost bid and low conversion cost, it is obvious that you have to optimize your campaigns. You can optimise your campaign at 3 levels

  1. The campaign level

  2. Ad Group level

  3. Ad text Level.

While optimising the Google Adwords campaign, you just need to focus on two major points, and then accordingly you can really make a great difference in your ad campaigns inside your ad campaign. These are

    1. Dimensions

    2. Column

Under Dimension, you need to focus on,

    • Geography

    • User location

    • Time-Schedules

    • Devices Type

    • Url – Final & Destination

    • Demography – Age, Gender, Buy power, etc.

    • Ad Extensions

    • Ad Text etc

Where as under Column , you need to see the reports and activities of the performance of your and have to make changes accordingly , there are several parameters on which you can check the performance , but i am highlighting only few of them.

  1. Quality Score

  2. CTR

  3. CPC

  4. Bid

  5. Budget

  6. Impressions

  7. Relevance

  8. Landing pages

  9. Ad text – Keywords, Meta Tags, Meta Descriptions

  10. Devices performances

  11. Extensions performance etc.

Here is a video on how to optimise your ads campaign , which will give you a complete insight into optimisation.

The video will help you to learn the strategic way to optimisation your digital marketing ads. This will also help you to gain strategy as to what to keep in focus while optimising your Google Adwords campaign. Google campaigns are a frequently used method to showcase your product paid ways, but the strategy is not very different from other tools like Facebook LinkedIn or Twitter. The dimensions remain almost the same in other ad platforms. For better understand I would suggest visiting my youtube channel which will help you learn the better techniques of setting up ads and strategies to optimise your ads in a more focused way.

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