Video Marketing, If you haven’t started using video marketing, mind you, it’s the time now, 2018 is going to be dominated by video marketing opportunities. Say it Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram, video is predominately used here to share the stories and experiences.

By 2019, the video will represent 80% of all customer web movement – an expansive part of which will originate from the social media platforms.One of the fastest-growing video format via a web-based social media platform is live video.

FACEBOOK As a Video Platform

As indicated by Facebook, users watch Facebook Live recordings for 3x longer than recordings that aren’t live and share more than 10x the times of remarks. What’s more, despite the fact that video marketing is still in its earliest stages, a few brands have officially experienced viral accomplishment on Facebook Live. On the off chance that live video sounds excessively scary, don’t stress! There are a few other social video groups you can attempt. Brands are also using Instagram, Twitter and Youtube social media accounts for Live videos and getting considerable responses. Not only this the engagement factor is far higher than normal post.

Video Marketing

Regardless of whether you’re thinking about trying different things with customary video or live video in 2018, chances are that you’ll be compensated for your endeavors. 7 out of 10 individuals said that they viewed brands in a more positive way after watching interesting video content from them. Beyond just creating video content, numerous advertisers are anticipating gains by the developing interest for video by putting resources to create better content for video marketing, which as of now represents 28% of online display ads spending.

Online marketing will surely see dominance from videos, bumper video, in-stream or it may ve video discovery ads apart from that as mentioned above Live video has started playing a very vital role in digital display ads. So it not so far that 90% of the industry will start promoting their brands using video marketing will consider social media as a major platform for the same.

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