Complete Guide to Visit Mawlynnong & Shillong

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The little Khasi town of Mawlynnong, not that a long way from the Meghalaya-Bangladesh fringe, all of a sudden wound up plainly well known a couple of years back. The cleanliness and administration of the town is still touted to be a model of improvement for different towns. It isn’t precisely certain when everything started except at some point in the most recent decade it began getting a great deal of media scope as the “cleanest town in Asia”. Presently, I am not precisely beyond any doubt if there is a target method for measuring cleanliness however it seemed like a goal worth encountering. I have just educated you concerning the living root connect and the butterflies. Along these lines, let us now get to the business end.

How to Reach Mawlynnong?

Mawlynnong is 90 KMs southwards of Shillong. You can procure taxis at Shillong or settle on a guided visit. From Shillong the street goes southwards till it bifurcates, one going towards Charrapunji and different towards Dawki-Tamabil, the Bangladesh fringe crossing point. You need to take the Dawki street. Street condition is fair acknowledge for a couple of extends. The last extend is a preoccupation from the primary street through thick backwoods. Transports ought not cost more than INR 250 and traveler taxis ought to associate with INR 500 for every set out toward a day.

Best Time to Visit Mawlynnong

You can visit Mawlynnong consistently. In any case, blustery season is suggested as this area is known for precipitation.

travel to shillong

Settlement at Mawlynnong

There are homestays worked by local people at Mawlynnong. They charge around 1500 for two. Else you can return around the same time to Shillong for more alternatives.

What to do at Mawlynnong?

travel to shillong As talked about before, you can visit the living root connects in Riwai Village, contiguous Mawlynnong to have a perspective of this one of a kind bio-building accomplishment of the Khasis. Else you can simply laze around and appreciate the provincial idyll.

Aside from that you can move up the bamboo watchtowers and have a superior perspective of the locale. Bamboo is an essential piece of nearby economy in any piece of the North East. These “sky sees” are further confirmations of the same. Most likely the pattern was begun by one of the neighborhood business people however every other person has begun mimicking and a few towers would now be able to be seen around both Riwai and Mawlynnong. Fundamentally you pay a little charge and scale these 80-85 feet towers to have a decent perspective of Bangladesh fields. Perspective of the town additionally is great from the best.

travel to shillong

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