How to set up ads in new google adwords dashboard ?

Google adwords has come up with new dashboard , it has very fantastic look. One can easily navigate from one information bar to other. A video on the same has been created for better understanding of the new platform.

There are some changes in the new dashboard set up , under campaign setting you can now find only five campaign type where as the select search and display network has been merged inside search network only campaign.

  1. Search Network only

  2. Display Network only

  3. Video Network only

  4. Shopping

  5. Universal App network

All these format has new interface and navigation bar.To check any new campaign or ad group or ad extensions you have to go the left hand side of the dashboard, where as in case of getting setting , billing options as well as keyword tool planner or display planner , ads preview tools , you need to go at the top right which has three dot , click over there and you will get all the options available. You can also get search terms here which a very good update in google adwords.

For more i advise you to watch the video above.

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