Importance of Thank You Page

Ever thought how thank you page can play a vital role for better engagement and helps to increase future conversion ?

Yes, Thank you page plays a major role in future conversion of your product or services

Here are some tips on how to use thank you pages to increase engagement:

  • Ask them to take a survey. This can help you understand them better and create better-targeted content.
  • Register for a webinar. It’s important for the webinar to relate to the lead magnet you offered.
  • Invite for a product demo. If you believe they’re ready to purchase your product, let them see it in action.
  • Turn it into a resource page. Add links to your best material, so subscribers continue to engage.
  • Show testimonials. Why not continue building trust after they convert?
  • Use video. This could be a short promotional video about your product.
  • Ask your contacts to follow you on social media. So that they get updates when they’re not on your website.
  • Ask them to share your landing page. This could be a good source of traffic for your landing page.


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