From getting up from bed to going back to bed again, we hardly leave our mobile phone aside. The mobile phone has become a part of our daily routine, it is like bread and butter, we can’t stay away from it. This is where marketers have seen the most opportunity lies. Gaining the majority of traffic and engaging them is not a big deal as the crowd has become a mobile maniac. Mobile Marketing

As indicated by various studies that have been led throughout the most recent couple of years, an ordinary Internet user in India is investing 394% more time on his smartphone which more than what they used to do in the year 2010.

Some of the other facts that should be paid close look

  • 23% of the population born after the year 2000 no longer use desktops.
  • More than 70% of Indians use the Internet on multiple devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.
  • The Indian e-commerce industry has thrived in the last few years – mobile retail commerce grew by a whopping 31%.

Almost all the brands have moved to responsive or mobile-based platforms and gradually wish to move substantially to Mobile marketing and mobile-friendly content. Mobile marketing is the thing of the present and the future and it is your gateway to get a healthy edge over your competition.

Google searches are now based on mobile devices, 70-75% search results shown as per the mobile optimization results. Most importantly the content should be actionable, easily accessible, readable, and shareable. Giving clients what they need is important rather than what you think will work for you – mobile content marketing is different than your usual desktop digital marketing.

Mobile-friendly content is healthy for the optimization of your website.

Major content-driven platforms like Yahoo!, Twitter, Facebook, and of course, Google already using mobile-friendly content. and pushing other players in the marketing to migrate from desktop version to mobile version without any second thought.

If your website content is not designed for mobile phones for some reason, then there are high chances that your SEO will take a big uppercut and that is something your campaign will not be able to handle, given the fact that your rivals are most likely accelerating at the same time.


The first step to go mobile-first is to be Google friendly – you need to come in good grades of the search engine which is responsible for more than 71% of all the searching hits on the Internet. There is a mobile-friendly label on Google, you should optimize your site enough to be in that bracket.

Here are important indicators you should remember while designing or re-designing your website for mobiles.

  • Your site should load quickly
  • You should not have any software or link on your website that isn’t mobile-friendly already
  • The text on the screen should be readable

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