Mind these below points to avoid mistakes done online for SEO or digital marketing stuffs , improve your strategy and stop this over hyped techniques.

  • Working with traditional or outdated agency , who are reluctant to change their way of marketing can hamper your growth. Don’t just choose a updated agency but also that agency which imparts in your strategy buildings with all new tools.
  • Personal email addresses looks highly unprofessional now a days , using your domain name would increase your professional approach towards work. Using , yahoo , aol ,msn , gmail looks more weird more.
  • A responsive website is need of the hour , every search engines has changed their policies in case of device responsiveness. All websites should be responsive for greater results. Mind it you can only generate traffics more if your website looks more promising in terms of responsiveness.
  • You still think your clients don’t use social media. It’s just not true. I don’t use Facebook but you can’t deny that it is the most popular platform for sharing out there. The numbers can’t lie. Pick the platforms that work for you and you know you will constantly update.
  • Social media plays a vital role in your SEO activities as well as very good tool to increase your traffic and boost your contents.
  • You aren’t using hashtags ?? Seriously , most of the social media especially twitter has this features which helps you to reach masses. Relevant hashtags helps to categories your content and build a separate group which talks about the topic displayed
  • G+ (google+) is google’s product.Google search engine gives priority to it’s product , that means sharing content on G+ or writing blogs over google+ will definitely helps your website become visible faster.
  • Getting indexed in google’s search engine database is privilege and not right , so you can’t instruct google to rank you where ever you want , so doing SEO activities rigorously will not rank you. Generating backlinks , using keywords , etc will not rank you , every year google makes some or other updates or changes in SEO policies , now the focus is more on quality content , quality backlinks , not quantity anymore.
  • Online reputation management is in demand now , if you think you can escape from bad reviews or feedback , your are actually cheating your professionalism , whenever you encounter any such reviews , go ahead and address that , solve it as far as you can , bad reviews speared faster , and thus google can show up these feedbacks.

So , avoid such wrong practices and get rid of old notion of marketing. For more such articles and mistakes , please keep looking for this blog section .

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  1. This is very useful although Instagram is the best and proven way to boost sales by understanding the new algorithm and approach!

  2. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further blog thank you once again. You are my savior. awesome post.

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