Why to buy expired domain – Benefits to SEO ?

So , have you ever thought why website aged more than 6 months have better chance to rank well on search engines , older the domain better the trust factor. Search engines like google.com trust those domain which has domain age more than 6 months.

Buying expired domain lessen the efforts for linking building and other seo efforts , as the last owner or former owner might have done something for a better page ranking. Somewhere the page had some rank in some of the search engines. So using expired domain by re-buying it will help to increase the chance of better ranking.

Here are some of the best organisation from where you can buy expired domain.

  1. Godaddy Auctions
  2. Namecheaps
  3. ExpiredDomain.net
  4. Name.com
  5. DomCop
  6. FreshDrop.com
  7. Dropping.com
  8. Namejet
  9. Sedo.com
  10. Snapnames.com
  11. Stuckdomains.com
  12. Expireddomainleuth.com
  13. Domainpeel.com
  14. Flippa.com
  15. Domainhole.com
  16. Domainbot.com
  17. Domain Monster.com
  18. Moonsy.com

Important points to keep in mind before selecting the expired domain

  • Check Domain Authority and Page Authority , PR Score etc
  • Check your domain in Google banned checker as whether it is being banned from search engines.
  • Check archives of the websites
  • Check whether the domain was run in google adsense and whether it is banned by adsense.
  • Check the details in www.who.is   or www.waybackmachine.org
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