Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Yes this is what people think , just getting visitors or customer to their shared links can get them huge commission , This notion is absolutely wrong . It might be possible that accidently people buy the product using your shared link but this doesn’t happen every time. Affiliate enthusiasts mostly fail because they fail to understand the behaviour of the buyers or visitors , they need to understand visitor’s interest first , they need to probe certain things in terms of content then it would all be easy to sell them what ever you want.

So what’s going wrong ? Yes we need to figure out what mistakes most of the affiliate enthusiast do , specially beginners ?

Here are the some very important question one should ask before planning affiliate marketing.

  1. Whether the platform where you are sharing the links are correct ?
  2. Are the product/services relevant to the audiences with whom your are sharing the links ?
  3. Did you map the demographics relevant to your marketing works?
  4. Whether customer , visitors or audience is engaged to the content shared ?
  5. Whether proper call-to-action is used ?
  6. How it is easy to access the link shared ?
  7. What tool are you using for affiliate marketing ? , whether it compliance with the affiliate companies?
  8. Whether the payment gateway is safe.

So there are several question one should answer before they move ahead and start affiliate marketing to earn extra bucks.

But mostly importantly among everything is ENGAGEMENT ; whether customer or visitor or your audience is engaged to your content or not , it is likely that visitors drift away because the content if it is not appealing to them. Content should be aligned to the product or services. One should not only focus on selling , but primary focus should remain in engaging customer to take some action. To make them take some action you need to understand the buyers interest and behaviour , as why would they buy from your shared link , what interest them most so that they get attracted and feel attached to the item sold. So engaging them either with offers , images , videos , content or other medias and proper information is needed. 

No one would simply go and purchase any item if they do not need that , so in that case you need to build the interest and create a plausible emergency which create a sense of urgency to buy the offered items.

Some of the ideas you can incorporate in your affiliate marketing strategy for engagement could be

  • Personalize web and email content with dynamic content

  • Creating belongingness and personalising the sense of emotion.

  • Using relevant images and media to call them to take some action.

  • Use in product message. Also to grab attention use GIFs

  • Use credible and trustworthy statements , guarantee the benefits

  • Obsess over your customers by delivering enormous value.

  • Answer their queries in a conversation manner addressing second person.(Interactive Content)

So these are few engagement ideas you can use , these ideas can be used at different places , not necessarily every idea applies everywhere , but these can be used according to the need.

It is very important that affiliate marketer should first engage their audience and make them comfortable before they make any purchase.


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