SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is the process of increasing the organic visibility of your web page/pages on search engine result page by following certain guidelines provided by search engine. The no. of results which will get in SERP- search engine result page are 10 of organic, 7+ inorganic.(paid). It is important to understand that SEO is not done for websites, it’s done for webpages.

Normally it was found that when people search anything on google search engine , they get satisfied with the first 3-4 results which appear on top. This section is termed as Golden Triangle.

Golden triangles represents that part of the organic listings which are viewable SERP without scrolling down.  (37% comes in golden triangle)

3 ways to Practice SEO

  1. On-page SEO 

  2. Off-Page SEO

  3. Local SEO

On Page- It relates to all those activities which are done within the boundaries of a website e.g adding good content (quality and quantity content), adding more engagement factors to the website, reducing the bounce rate for your website, increasing the stick rate of our webpages, improving the attractiveness of our website as well as doing internal Linking.(eg-wikipedia)

Off-Page: – All those activities beyond the boundaries of a website. The most important technique under off-page SEO is creation of BACK LINKS.

BACK LINKS :-Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage or pages. When a one webpage links to any other page, it’s called a backlink. 

Local SEO :-  It relates to integrating google maps within your website for better location based searches via the creation of H-CARDS ; H-CARDS – are HTML codes which google crawlers can read, thereby improving your location based searches.

Three most important part of SEO

  1. CONTENT- on page part
  2. KEY WORDS- on page part
  3. BACK LINKS- off page part

Dedicated Crawlers:- in case the content in our website is updated quite frequently (less than 5 hrs or so) google will automatically assign you dedicated crawlers. The frequency of crawlers crawling our website has no relation with your organic ranking on SERP. Crawlers only fetch the data for google that’s it.

Getting into google database is a privilege and a not a right. We can command google by given command “NO FOLLOW” at our website so that crawlers will not follow our webpages. 

Crawlers :- 

A crawler is a software , a bot , a program which scan (visit) webpages of a website and shares the important details like , keywords , URL (links) and domain name etc to the search engines main program which assign rank to the webpage by indexing it in their database.

3 ways to get your website indexed

  1. Auto crawling or indexing.
  2. Creation of Back Links
  3. Google submission using google webmaster tool.

Auto Crawling  :- It has 4 main steps  a) Crawling b) Main program c) Creating a database b) Creating an Index

Crawling – as soon as you create a website, crawlers will automatically crawl your website after 3-4 days and they would capture keys words, important links , and your domain name. After capturing this information, they will pass on the information to the main program. Quantity content and quality content are used to evaluate the webpages. Main program decides the ranking about our webpages.we can consider main program as a device having an artificial brain.

Main program :- It is responsible to assign rank to your webpages. once crawlers pass on the information to main program , main program will evaluate our webpage carrying a specific key word , along with all the other webpages already existing in google database which carry the same key word. There are 2 major parameters for evaluation 1.) quantity of content (how exhaustive the content is on a particular key word) 2.) Quality of content (how relevant the content is on a specific key word) 

e.g let’s assume key word for specific webpage on our website is Mahatma Gandhi, main program found out there 1000 webpages in google’s database carrying the same key words.(including our webpage) main program will evaluate our webpage along with 999 pages other webpages in google’s database. (Based on 2 parameters).Let’s assuming that main program found out 17 webpages better than our webpages, it will assign our webpage as rank 18.

Creating a database :- once main program has assigned a rank to your webpage, google will add your webpage to it’s database.

Creating an Index :- Once your webpage has been added to google’s database , you need to create an INDEX by defining the META TITLE and META DESCRIPTION for a particular webpage.


Primary Key Words :- Those key words which defines the nature of a business (e.g is shopping online )

Secondary Key Words : – Key words which define the products/services which we are offering. ( shoes, clothes , electronics items etc.)

Sub primary key words : – those key words , which enhance the quality of a primary key words. Add any adjective to a primary key word it becomes a sub primary key words.

Sub secondary key words :- key words which enhance the quality of secondary key words. Add any adjective to a secondary key words is becomesSub secondary key words.

Money key words :- key words which contents any financial terms,

Seasonal key words :- key words which used only during a particular time of year or during a particular season,  new year party , Diwali , season monsoon sales.

Long Tail key words :-key words which contains more than 3 words are long tail key words.

Short Tail key words :- 3 or less than 3 words.

High Competition key words & Low Competition key words :- (competition on SEO is no.of webpages)

High Searched key words & Low Searched key words :- it provides the number of searches for keyword

Misspelled key words :- it’s not used now because of google humming bird (google humming bird which pre-suggest the key words)

Google key word planner tool are used to find out the no. of searches for key words.

In the next section of SEO , you can find out Key word research , Off-Page Seo , On-page seo and Local seo.

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