5 “I” of Content Marketing in digital marketing – Intention , Interest , Inspiration , Information and Interaction

Let’s directly define content marketing – for me content marketing is creating connection between the messenger and receiver through story telling and it should start with a good 1) intent to sharing 2) the interest of content which is 3) inspirational & 4) informative and can 5) interact with people’s mind & emotion.

The space around us are full of cluttered marketing stuffs and the content plays most important role to stand you different from crowd. The content management is one of the best way to reach to your customer and effectively leave a imprint in their mind to recall the brand.

Let us discuss the 5 “I” which plays the vital role in content marketing and these are the most effective method to build a powerful content and marketing the same.


The intent of content is what makes it different from others , the only objective to sale and generate revenue is what most of the marketer do , but if the intent of the content is not only marketing rather connecting people with the brand and thus connecting with their heart then it work best. This commercial of ICICI bank reward points intention is to connect with their customer and taking care of their interest shows the effectiveness of content marketing. A very clear message of your investment and getting in return the reward points to redeem in case you run out of money.

2) Interest

Interest play another important role on content marketing , marketer only have interest to pull the buyer to gain more of sales or they also intent to spread good constructive message to the society. Only selling a product or services will not work in long run , if the interest of marketing is generating a positive image towards brand and society then it the life of the brand remains for a longer time.

This ad by samsung really touches the heart , it not only used a good content by also tried to connect the neglected section of the society who aren’t privileged like many of the human beings but are talented in some of other way. The interest of this content is very clear and simple , they focus on their brand as well connected them self with the weaker and neglected section of the society.


The company which are only in making money and promoting brand fails some or other day , but a good content never fails and left behind a strong message with positive brand image.        The Dabur Vatika – Female cancer survivor ads was very popular in highlighting the message that people can fight any situation if they are strong willed and society salutes these fighters who never gives up.

A strong message to society which rather supporting the survivor starts sympathising them. The content should send a message which help over come difficulties and let the problem feel tiny in front of the strong willed person , a message which doesn’t differentiate between the people of the society , which doesn’t create differences in privilege and less fortunate people.

The content should inspire the people to feel touched from inside , the better the inspiration shown the more the brand visibility and respect. Content doesn’t always sell but can always build a concrete brand presence in the mind of audience. A long lived brand perform better than a nose – diving earning brand.

4) Information

The ad below is so sound and simple to understand that any one can understand the message (the information) reflecting to the people who drinks and drive.

Another best content message was shown here below which apparently is self explanatory. The information shared through this picture is demanding our responsible and sensible behaviour towards our mother nature.

The image below provide the clear information (message) about smoking and it’s hazard to health. The content is simply awesomely presented and don’t require any additional dialogue or statement to explain it better.

5. Interactive

The below images are it self speaks the message they want to convey , it is awesomely interactive and clearly connect with audience and their need.The content is brilliantly showcased. A content should be interactive to work well , it should genuinely speak out the common issues which people faces in their day to day life. The real situation experienced in life how one reacts to that attracts more of audience response against the non-realistic , fabricated situation.

Disclaimer :- Image credit goes to the owner of the images , Images are just used to explain the cause , i have no personal interest in it and no way i am trying to misuse it

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