Email marketing is not a new concept , you have oftenly heard of this in the office meetings , conferences and during marketing strategy plannings. Email marketing enriches business communications and helps to connect directly with the target audiences, targets specific key markets, and is both cost-effective and environment friendly. But what exactly is email marketing and how does it work?How is an email more powerful than a radio spot or TV ad and why ought to a business should invest time to keep up an email list & maintain it always?

Email marketing takes place when an organization sends a business / commercials message in a bulk to several group of people by means of electronic mail. Mostly through ads, demands for business, or deals or gift requesting, any email correspondence is considered email marketing if it helps to build customer loyalty, trust in a product or company or brand recognition.. Email marketing is a productive approach to remain associated with your customers and branding and promoting the business.

There are several examples of email marketing campaigns, starting with a welcome email that who opts in to your subscription. Welcome letters can not only give valuable information about your company, they can also request key information about your new client, helping you put the person in the correct categories for future marketing efforts. Additional email campaigns include sending out announcements on products or services, a newsletter regarding your company and/or products, coupons for future purchasing and much more. Every email you send out should have company information on the bottom, giving potential clients a chance to learn more about your company as well as ‘opt-in’ to get future emails. Incentive programs that give members a ‘promo code’ to collect discounts on purchases also allow you to monitor the effectiveness of your campaign as well as what your contacts are interested in.

With the use of email marketing software, email marketing is a powerful approach to achieve your target markets as well as to remain associated with your buying base. Through proficient use of email , you can ratin current customers while additionally focusing on new markets.You can easily monitor how effective a marketing campaign is, and see that your return on investment is substantially higher than with other, more traditional, marketing campaigns. Use the web based marketing to manage your clients over and over with a effective email marketing effort.

Let’s understand what exactly email marketing is and how it works.

  • We will be answering these basic questions to make you more clear about email marketing .
  • What is Email Marketing? How Email Works?
  • What is Gmail’s Daily Limit on Sending Email? Google Apps email sending limits
  • Permission E-mail Marketing
  • 2 types of Email Marketing
  • The difference between Opt-In and Double Opt-In
  • BEST PLATFORMS for Email Marketing
  • Setting up list and webforms
  • Broadcast & Autoresponders
  • Tricks to land in inbox instead SPAM box
  • ADVANCED STUFF (Open rates, Click through rates, PPC emails, Unsubscribe hack, Profit Funnels & more)

What exactly is Email Marketing?

Promoting your brand, service via an email where the sender has given you permission to send you an email.It’s essentially any e-mail a company sends out to people, but there are a few approaches to it.

E-mail marketing can be: 

  1. Promotional emails sent to encourage potential customers to buy a product or service or convince current customers to keep buying.
  2. Regularly sent e-mails meant to strengthen the relationship between the business and the customers and encourage loyalty to a product or service. Eg: ebooks, free course, video training, coupons, contest, newsletter, webinars, demo etc.
  3. Advertisements for a product or service that are placed in e-mails sent by other people or companies (typically found in “banners” above or to the side of the e-mail’s body of text)



When an email is sent from gmail checks the domain of recipient (yahoo) and here it passes through 2 spam filter mechanism. (gmail & yahoo).

If gmail >> gmail then 1 spam filter (local delivery). This one is quick.

If gmail >> yahoo, then 2 spam filters (foreign delivery)

You may refer to below links for better understanding of gmail email limits

What is Gmail’s Daily Limit on Sending Email?

Google Apps email sending limits

Permission E-mail Marketing

Let us assume that you offer a new smartphone worth Rs.3000 with various features and you believe that people will warmly support the development of this phone and they shall buy it.

After drafting a smart, flashy lines about the smartphone and writing a vague subject line, one looks to gather email contact online and through various sources — the more people who receives your message, the more potential buyer you have the more you think helps in making money.

Sounds easy, right? Unfortunately, people or recipient will either take this as a spam and think that some one is trying to scam you with this offer and they might end up blocking and complaining against your email.

One of the most important concepts in e-mail marketing is that of permission — a business must receive a customer’s authorisation before sending out any promotional e-mails.

If a person receives an e-mail from a business that he never requested or confirmed, chances are that e-mail will be considered spam.

2 types of Email Marketing:

Legit (Permission Marketing) >> Collecting emails and building data and list.

Ill-legit (Spamming) >> You buy a email database & list and send bulk emails.

The Difference Between Opt-In and Double Opt-In

Email addresses on a (single) opt-in list are not confirmed. Anybody can submit anybody’s address to the list, and it will be there until it is unsubscribed. where as in double opt-in, all email addresses must be confirmed before they are added. A request for confirmation is sent to the subscriber address and the address owner must take some action to confirm that she/he is the owner of the email address, the email address is working and she/he  indeed intends to subscribe the mail. Most often, the confirmation action is as simple as replying to the confirmation request or clicking on a link.

“Please verify and confirm your subscriptions” or “please verify and confirm your email”

BEST PLATFORMS for Email Marketing  (Email Marketing Softwares) – Here are some example of the best email marketing platforms  

Email data base can be either built or bought.

Build one – webinar, provide a free ebook, provide a free 7 day e-course, provide a free valuable video, sidebar of your blog, a pop up, give some freebies in exchange of email, e-commerce – give 50% discount on registration

[[Watch Video]]

for more insight about Get-response please follow

Tricks to land in inbox instead SPAM box

  1. Always include unsubscribe button in the footer of email
  2. Make sure the email which you are using has a website on the domain like:
  3. Do not use all capital letters in your subject line / body line
  4. Include less links and more words >> Sales email: 3 links works the best. Short email: 1 link.
  5. Always check your Spam score (1-100) – the spam checkers would be available with your email marketing softwares. Practical eg from Getresponse.
  6. Send mailer from a name if possible! Company name or a person name! Practical
  7. Avoid using words like money, won, coupons, offer (You should use these words in images) for more such SPAM words please read – Ugly-words-email-marketing-subject-lines

Most important part of Email: Subject Line >>

Blinder: Hey! Grab this before it’s gone / You need to watch this ( it creates curiosity)

Presell with Benefits: Write benefit in the subject line.

Scarcity (Blows up open rate): Take action now before it goes away.

Cleanup (every 3 months may be): Remove members who aren’t opening or clicking or else it affects IP after an year or so.


Urgency: Time frame dependent.

Scarcity: Something is limited (only 100) (number dependent)

P.S. Technique > Gravity for next email. it draws attention. Eg: A new product launch information like watch out for my email tomorrow or give a link to confirm the registration. Sales video email needs to be LONG because people needs to understand before they give money.

UNSUBSCRIBED HACK explanation > You should have custom made unsubscribe link (page). So that you can get more clicks which will increase your IP reputation as well. This way you can retain your subscriber most of the time and your IP reputation also increases as they are clicking on your unsubscribe link.

Email Marketing Tips, Tricks and Secrets

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