A bad boss is the best source of learning the traits which should be avoided by an employee who is a budding & future boss.

We often talk a lot about our bosses , their behavior and work style. A good boss is called a gift to the sub-ordinates. Where as we define many traits for a bad boss who makes professional life more tough and challenging , some employee ends with major disappointment. But have you ever thought “the bad boss” teaches us so many thing for future boss inside us. We pass judgments that when we will become boss we will not act or work like “him or her ” (the bad bosses). That statement itself indicate the learning which you are getting from your bad boss. So , fact is bad boss teaches us so many traits which are not to be followed.

Here are some traits of a bad boss to watch out for.

1. Speaks offensively and seldom communicates with the team.

Communication is the key to a relationship and the relationship between boss and employee is no different. If your boss yells or says derogatory words to you or the team, not only your self-esteem suffers but pressure also increases.This particular trait tells us  when or what to say during a talk and he/she should always communicate with the team. You should give a clear instructions about the project and provide the full job details to the employee reporting you.

An offensive communication repels your teammate and creates a negative image , also create a situation of disgust and employee either starts putting less effort or start leaving the organisation.It is very important to learn the right way of communication ……. A bad boss teaches us to improve good technique of communication to building a better relationship in the work place.

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2. Provide Threats and thinks this works as motivation

Positive motivation such as offering rewards and providing constructive criticism remove the tension around the workplace and increase the self-esteem and energies of employees. An employee performs better and become more productive if the work place gives him/her a liberal environment to work and employees share their ideas and opinions without being in fear.Where as threatening employee that they can loose their job if they don’t work properly, can create a fear in the mind of the employee.So it is important for a boss to build an environment where an employee or team can work freely and utilize his/her skills and ideas to be more productive and loyal to the organisation.

3. Become authoritarian and controls your work space

A bad boss tries to control your complete work space and instruct that everything is to be done according to his order and the instructions which he/she gives,  controlling every aspect of employee job is a hazard to every employee’s personal growth and self-esteem. This teaches us the importance of being liberal and flexible.

A good boss should let their employees do their work in their own ways to accomplish the project. They just need to provide clear instructions and specifications.It is very important to provide a free work space for personal growth of the employee , and growth of the self-esteem which results in overall growth of the company and work environment resulting happy growing organisation.

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4. Blames the team for failures.

Having a team spirit and helping teammates at all ups and downs are the base of healthy work environment, Accepting his/her fault and failure gives an opportunity to rectify the mistakes and create a more better strategy to accomplish the work. Where as one of the worst feelings is being blamed for something you did not do. A boss that blames his/her team for failures and only accept accomplishments is a really a TERRIBLE BOSS.Never blame someone else for your own failure , it will discourage the teammate’s spirit; as well you will lose the opportunity to find a better alternate for the problem.

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5. Does not consider suggestions other than his own.

Your boss is THE BOSS for a reason. He/she has acquired enough experiences and has the required skill set to be in the position he/she is in now. Although the boss should always be the one to lead and employees should follow him/her that does not mean that he/she is always right.

A great boss ask suggestions from his/her team and consider other options for the sake of the project. The accomplishment of the team is also the boss’ accomplishment.

6. Lack his work ability and enjoys the fruit of other’s effort

Boss should always set as a role model, as an example of the company’s vision and mission. A good boss and his perfect work motivates team to work more effectively and in a organised way. A boss should be ideal to his employees not a burden to the team.

7. Doesn’t provide support and guidance .

When an employee joins any firm he/she seeks guidance and support from their boss and colleagues to perform the task well , an employee is an asset and resource to the organisation , if a proper guidance hasn’t been given , the effort and resource used to get that employee become waste and the objective to get the best out of the new joinee go in-vein. Being a experiences employee ,it is obvious that a boss should be supportive and provides a proper guidance to get the better result

8. Does not have a firm goal or vision.

If a boss doesn’t have a firm goal or vision , it may end no where , the company achieve nothing , and the team fails to reach the destination selected. Having a mission can help an individual grow with the right amount of effort and planning..A boss could also lead his/her team on their own terms provided that it complies with the company’s vision and mission. Thus having a determined goal can lead to success and achievements.

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9. Doesn’t believe team-building activities.

Team building is there for a reason. It strengthens the relationship between the company and its employees. It is a medium where employees can release their stress acquired in the work environment and it is a reward for employees for all their hard work. A team can always support each other. If an employee is unable to do the work alone , other team mate helps to complete the task faster. A team building activities not only release the pressure but also create a friendly environment which create a sense of belongingness

10. Your boss makes you work hard but pays less comparatively.

Your salary should be based on your performance and the quality of your work. There should be a set of guidelines and rules assigned to you and you should not accept any other works that is outside of your contract. If an employee work hard and not paid well he/she soon plans to leave the organisation. Retaining a performing employee is of high importance. If your are exploited with lot many works but compensation is low , you get demotivated and dishearten and puts less effective effort to get the work done and in many cases seek another job.

A good boss rewards employees who work hard and provide good service to the company. Employees should not be underpaid and they should have the respect they deserve.

The employees are the lifeblood of the company and they should be treated fairly. Remember an organisation become greater and bigger only because of a good , satisfied and happy employees.

Thus , a bad boss helps us learn many traits which should not be followed. There will be a time when you will be promoted as a new boss , these traits will help you to avoid the mistakes which your boss had done and will make you an effective leader. A good boss always work in the direction of improvement of the staffs under his/her supervision thus growing the organisation.

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