Best Sales Management Tips & Technique

1. Work on what customer believe – don’t force your product

It’s not about having world class product or best presentation, it’s about believe of your customer on your product.If your customer doesn’t believe in the value you offer and the proposition you going to showcase , they simply turn down your next visit. So a sales professional need to understand what a customer is actually looking out of the product which they are selling ? Is the product offered really make sense to them ? Do they get value what they are looking out of the product ?

Don’t create confusion , rather probe and ask them questions , let them share their true need and what they want out of the product. Then try and create a plausible emergency ,so that they feel that this the need of the hour.

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2. Don’t dig your grave without proper plan to close the sales.

Would you plan to fly a jet-plane without knowing where to land or which direction to go ? You answer would definitely be NO. Then why you rush to your prospect without proper planning as what to sell and how to close the deal. They could be “n” numbers of techniques which any sales professional follow , but it is widely important to choose the trick which is relevant to your line of business. Plan a strategy to tackle all possible apprehensions ,  get at-least 3 different solutions for every general question asked.  Let your customer speak what they want and then use your expert strategy and technique which can help to get a favorable out come from the meeting done.

“Remember if you drive without knowing you direction , you will never reach your destination”

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3. Grant yourself a time slot for better prospecting

You have gone to a medicine shop to get remedy for fever and you don’t know which medicine to buy , will it be helpful to cure your fever ?.

Many sales professional run after business without segregating their actual – targeted prospect which land them no-where at the end. It is very obvious and important to dedicate a quality time to generate a good funnel for prospects which at the end of gives the most close list of the prospect which can get us deal. Prospecting is one of the main step involved in any sales process , you need to prepare a plan and dedicate a time slot only to generate good prospects and change them into leads. Thus these leads can be nurtured to close the sales, which is our ultimate goal.

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4. Have faith on your inner-self and discuss your “action to be taken” with experts.

Why should your customer will buy anything from you if you yourself doesn’t even believe in the product you are selling ?  There’s a reason why confident sales professional are more successful. Believe in yourself , have confident that product you are selling can offer best solutions to the prospects which are targeting. If you have faith on what you sell , you will gain the courage and confidence to delivery a good pitch to your product. A confident sales professional is always appreciated by customer. Their believe in the product helps to keep their fear of failure away.

I am sure that most of you have seen the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street ” , the movie inspires to have the faith in one’s own-self. To believe in ones strength and the product they sells.

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5. Don’t give a chance being a late comer , be disciplined be organised .

More sales are lost because the salesperson either failed to show or failed to follow-through. A sales professional should be organised , disciplined and time bound . Sales person who doesn’t follow a organised routine may have higher chance of failure. It is very important to adapt a habit of good time management , organised way of work and to show up yourself whenever and wherever required.

Always reach your prospects office either before or on-time , do a proper follow up. keep your customer updated , maintain a sales report , get feedback on the process you follow from your senior and colleagues.

Remember there is no special of drafted technique in sales , but being organised , disciplined , knowledgeable and being proper driven you can achieve a good sales revenue.

Sales processes and techniques varies from product to product and depends of the relevant exercise as per the industry. A salesperson just need to follow some basic strategy to achieve the objective.


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my next month blog will be entirely on Digital Marketing Strategy , Marketing and Sales.

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