Evil HR practices which leads to lose of resources.


Before we discuss  the “10 not to do practices of Human Resources” , let’s highlight the current practices of recruiters and consulting firms.

The worst evil practice by recruitment agencies or recruiter from different sub-standard organisation now a days are :- They gather crowd of professionals just to prove that they are very productive and smart.They know that out of all the candidate called, 40-50% are just invited to increase the gathering. They are not able to PAY YOU AS PER YOUR STANDARD ,they aren’t going to hire you , but still they insist you to come for the interview and do a reminder call on the day of interview.

Many of you might have received calls from different companies and consultancies asking to come for interview and boasting and hyping about the host company , but the moment you go there after investing your valuable time and money and you share your salary or demand a higher salary , you become an alien for them. Let’s point these things out

  • HR executives or consulting firm calls you for an interview , gives a hi-fi picture and give vague idea of salary package.
  • You trusted them and appeared for the interview , it went well and you are expecting a call. During interview interviewer inquired your salary , or asked about your expected package. You shared your side. Interviewer indicated you did well and they can hire you.
  • But then after you come back , you waited for few days then you realized you are not getting call.
  • You are tensed as what happened why aren’t you getting calls. Why ? what went wrong ?
  • Now you call the HR and asked the status of your candidature and the response you get , you can’t believe that ,responses :- 1) We hold the recruitment ,  2) We are looking something else , 3) you are not the right fit , 4) we haven’t received the feedback yet , 5) we will call you back , 6) our new HR head will join and decide , 7) Interviewer is out of station , all crappy , useless responses , as if you are the dumbest of all.
  • But they at any point not saying that they aren’t able to pay you much as per your level . They need someone dumb and they can manage with them but will not pay more to get a good talent.

Now you might be thinking why i have mentioned this above , Because these HR and consultancies plays with your professionalism , they don’t value your time , they don’t want to consider the amount of money you spend to attend the interview, not even sensible to understand the commitments which you sidelined just to appear for the face to face interactions.

This is a kind of regular practice now a days recruiters are doing , FOR ANY ORGANISATION THE HR PROFESSIONAL OR CONSULTING FIRM ARE THE PRIMA FACIA for reputation building. But these highly unprofessional liars are the best player to CON you. They just play with words , lies and invites you, knowing that you have high salary and they will not take you , but they just need to gather crowd to please their client or manager.

Everyone discusses practicing the best HR policies , which is a decent begin yet quite pointless if awful practices keep on persisting. So what are the main ten awful HR practices which should be disposed of?

1. Employer over- confidentiality conditions :

Can’t view or overhaul individual data; have no access to leave records, salary data, attendance record, training, and promotion details. Therefore, the employee are uncertain if the authority has right amount of information available for better decision.

2. No clear and well defined responsibilities :

Absence of a well-defined job description can drift employee’s accountability from the exact work to be done. Neither the employee nor his/her quick reporting manager can define clearly the employment deliverable. Ultimately company loses the resource which are spend on employee and thus, results in lack employee’s focus & interest over work.

3. Lack of Performance due to absence of proper strategy:

Employee is unaware of the objectives to be accomplished amid the year. There are no quarterly targets and no procedure to track their completion. The firm simply does an end of the year performance appraisal. It is hard to build an performance culture in such organisation.

4. Unplanned employee development, a wasteful effort, both in terms of time and money:

No open door is given to the employee to seek his/her improvement needs. Employees are nominated on different improvement programs as per the HR or Reporting Manager. There is no formal procedure to gather and prepare needs and dissect abilities and skills gaps. This leads to an unplanned & not required employee development, waste of efforts, both in terms time and cash.

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Long tenures in the same position with no avenues for job rotations make people rust and relax. In the first 2-3 years in a job position, an employee experiences new challenges, contributes and innovates. Thereafter, it becomes routine and monotony takes over. Even a change of location, if not the job, can provide the requisite challenge to an employee.


Each non-entertainer stays stuck to his/her seat. The most exceedingly terrible happens when a non-performing director needs to audit subordinates who are professionally skilled, high-vitality adolescents. Some of them leave the association rashly and add to the wearing down rate. The deciding result is the production of a non-entertainers entryway which obstructs the advancement of the association.

7. Holding PERFORMERS:

Getting free of the non-entertainers is vital, yet recognizing, creating and holding superior workers is similarly essential. On the off chance that your best ability is being attracted by different organizations, your plans to reward execution are just deficient.

8. Absence OF FEEDBACK:

Employees have singular suppositions about the nature of administration in the organization. They know their engagement levels at the work environment. They comprehend what impedes their execution and fulfillment. Unless the administration is set up to get and break down their goal criticism, nothing can stem lower profitability and expansion disharmony.


If a line director just plays out his/her operational part and has not been prepared for individuals administration, who is to be faulted? HR has likely vacillated by not systematizing a framework that guarantees that group chiefs are prepared on individuals administration before arrangement.

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10. Innovation PHOBIA:

Many more seasoned workers, even in enormous associations, decline to recognize that innovation can engage HR staff by giving opportune, exact and quality data for basic leadership. Frequently, they feel that IT staff should be procured to oversee PC based frameworks. They require presentation to SaaS innovation which will exhibit how it neither requires elaborate equipment stages nor programming mastery.


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