Nepal-a country of amazing extremes

Nepal-a country of amazing extremes, is the home of the world’s highest mountains, historic cities and the forested plains where the lordly tigers and the great one-horned rhinoceros trundle at ease. In fact enchantment is everywhere-for anyone in search of The altitude of this region ranges between 4877 m. – 8848 m. m. It includes 8 of the highest 14 summits in the world which exceed altitude of 8000 meters including, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and others


Kathmandu is the capital of NEPAL , & has the country’s only international airport , which is linked with Delhi , Mumbai , Kolkata , Varanasi in India. Kathmandu is a valley surrounded by hills & snow capped mountains. The valley consists of the ancient cities of Kathmandu , Lalitpur & Bhaktapur. There are seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the valley , including many temples, monuments & stupas. Pashupatinath, the most revered Hindu temple, is also in Kathmandu.


Located 32 km to the east of Kathmandu on the valley rim, Nagarkot is the favorite weekend getaway for those who seek Himalayan scenery & rural serenity. Nagarkot is situated at an elevation of 2,175m & provides a grandstand panorama of the Himalaya. You can see five of the world’s 10 tallest montains – EVEREST, LHOTSE, CHOOYU, MAKALU & MANASLU – & many other lesser summits. The snow peaks looks especially gorgeous during sunset & sunrise.( Nagarkot is backward but rich in Nature and the facilities available cannot be matched to those available in the Plains and other developed destination)


Situated at a distance of 200 km west of Kathmandu Pokhara is known as the city of lakes. It also offers an aweinspiring view of the Annapurna, dhaulagiri & Manaslu mountain ranges. Fishtail peak (6,977m), popularly known as Machhapuchhre, is a landmark. The Himalaya peaks & the lakes make Pokhara a magical place where you can relax while boating or fishing. It is also the starting point for treks to the Annapurna region.
Located in south – central Nepal, the ROYAL CHITWAN NATIONAL PARK ( 932 sq km ) consists of forests & grasslands. The park is a popular safari destination as it teems with wildlife. Animals found here include the rhino, tiger, wild elephant, antelope & hyena. It also provides ideal habitat for crocodiles, dolphins, cobras, kraits & pythons. There are 525 species of birds here. The park is easily accessible both from Kathmandu & Pokhara. Bharatpur, the gateway to Chitwan, is 146 km from Kathmanndu ( 20 minutes by air ) or 131 km from Pokhara. .( Chitwan Resorts are in side the Jungle and the accommodation is Cottage or Hut kind, but rich in Nature and the facilities available cannot be matched to those available in the Plains and other developed destination)


Mukti (Salvation) holds a grate significance for all spiritual people in the south Asian sub continent. Muktinath (the provider of salvation) has been one such holy site, where thousands of devotees flock for attaining the much sought after moksha. It is believed that all miseries / sorrows are relieved once you visit this temple. By name in Nepali, Mukti means the Nirvana or status of Liberty and Nath stands for the God, as such the temple is popularly known as the god of nirvana. The serenity of the place really soothes your mind and beckons you into spiritualistic journey. Besides, you can enjoy panoramic views all around. This place is of the religious importance to both Hindus and Buddhists living all around the globe.

The famous temple of Lord Muktinath lies in the district of Mustang and is situated about 18 kms northeast of Jomsom in the north central part of Nepal. It lies at an altitude of about 3750 meters. The main shrine is a pagoda shaped temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Sets into the wall around it are 108 waterspouts from which pour holy water. It is believed that one should visit this temple after completing pilgrimage of four special religious sites in India . That is “Chardham Yatra”. The temple is situated on a high mountain range and is visited during fair weather. The Jwala Mai temple nearby contains a spring and an eternal flame fed by natural gas underground.
Our helicopter tour will allow you the ample time to take stock of this holy location and its serene and peaceful neighborhood.

During the helicopter tour you will have the chances of viewing the spectacular views of the massif Annapurna ranges including Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, Lamjung Himal and Manaslu Himal. Lets attain Nirvana by visiting Muktinath.

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